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“In Kass’s funny, affecting script, beauty is a privilege, battle, hurdle, conspiracy, shield, and lots more — and as much as it constrains women, from generation to generation, we also reinvent it.”

Alaina Johns, Broad Street Review

in the eyes of the audience


“For anyone who grew up Jewish, even if you’ve never been to a Loehmann’s dressing room, the stories are familiar, for everyone else, they are an enjoyable peek into the eternal questions of what makes us beautiful…but the show itself goes much deeper.”

Naomi Orwin, Phindie

“Brilliantly written and performed, poignant and humorous. We were proud to premiere Behold Her at our Museum. Audiences were genuinely delighted. We would happily present it again!”

Ivy L. Barsky, CEO and Gwen Goodman Director, National Museum of American Jewish History

“…when lights went up, the audience lingered, discussing the issues raised by the show.”

Margaret Darby, Delco Culture Vultures

“Kass and Shuchman...touched on stereotypes about Jewish women’s looks, relishing the opportunity to define what that meant for themselves...beyond the ‘male gaze.’”

Joshua Needelman, Jewish Exponent

“...Kass and the gifted cast examine issues of beauty, religious law, power, anti-Semitism, sexism and how they have shaped both the image and reality of Jewish women. Behold Her has moments of grace, pain and lots of humor...”

Deborah Baer Mozes, Artistic Director, Theatre Ariel


“…a complete surprise...Each vignette was different from the last and brought us mixtures of laughter, tears, familiarity, history, and delight. The cast rotated seamlessly…the production design was bare and flexible. Sometime the actors were, too. I was stunned by its originality and craft...”


Sharon Pinkenson, Executive Director, Greater Philadelphia Film Office

“I laughed at familiar interpersonal dynamics & was touched by the narratives of those who stood in defiance of cultural expectations to be themselves, to love themselves as they are, and to contribute to the world. The experience left me feeling a proud bond of sisterhood and inspired to live up to this beautiful legacy of powerful women.


Barbra Mellits, Author and Founder, “Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing”

“Compassionately and bitingly funny…well-researched, well-lipstick-ed and intelligent…totally enjoyable, gave me solidarity with other women, curiosity about historical figures, made me walk a little taller.”

Sebastienne Mundheim, Founding Artistic Director, White Box Theatre

“Filled with wisdom, humor and most of all, the Jewish spirit and love of life. Women young and old need to see this beautiful, informative and inspiring production!”

Paula Martino, Videographer, Philadelphia

“Please tell everyone. This is a show not to be missed by anyone young, old, rich, poor, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Muslim, suburban, cosmopolitan, alien, or other.

…just amazing.”

Lisa Ralia Hefter, Composer, New York

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